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About Goldie and Lid Wear

ABOUT_GoldieInPinkFurHat.jpgI grew up in Washington DC. At age 23, I set out to travel across the country, and spent a few months exploring up the west coast. I landed in Seattle, WA with $10 left in my pocket.  Seattle was an easy place to embrace with all the greenery, surrounded by water and mountains and the space between, where people lived.  This was going to be my new home. Over the next ten years, I supported myself with a variety of jobs; including support for a graphic design, architecture and an office design firm, I also worked as a banquet waitress for the major hotels, and even a radio station!  As a single parent I started a small daycare.

Next, I discovered by making things and selling them at local markets I could both, support us and be an available mom at the same time!  This was a natural fit, as growing up, I was surrounded by my mother and aunts who were seamstresses - I had been sewing since the age of seven.  I began at the Fremont Sunday Market in 1990 making mittens, socks, jackets, children’s products all made out of polar fleece.  I called the business Cozy Wear.  The seasoned crafters at the market, encouraged me to make hats; this is where I perfected my styles and patterns.  Eventually, I incorporated a variety of fabrics and renamed my business to Lid Wear.  I was accepted at Pike Place Market in 1995 – and have been there ever since! Life happens when you’re making other plans!

ABOUT_GoldieAtOldWorkshop.jpgMy intention, inspired by my customers and other by whom I’m surrounded, is to make a quality product that is practical and looks good when worn, and draws colors from nature.  Additionally, I use a variety of fabrics from water-resistant outdoor, silks, linens, wool, cottons, etc.  Not only do I make my own patterns, but my hats are created locally.  Lid Wear hats are durable, and are made for travel, golf, boating, walking the dog, protection from the elements, everyday wear and even for dress-up!  My style is classic, and it is flattering on just about everyone.  Please meet me in person at our Pike Place Market location, or shop for a hat on our website.